Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I used food logs for a long time when I first started changing my eating habits. It was not my favorite thing to do, but it was a very useful tool. Taking the time to write down everything you eat or drink...I mean EVERYTHING. I tried some apps on my phone, but that didn't work for me. A small notepad didn't work either....I never had it with me when I needed it. I did end up using the notepad function my phone, just typing the time I ate, what I ate and how much I ate.

The log worked for me for a few reasons. First, when I look at a day of eating, I know exactly what I put in my body. There is a element of control; it is measured and I know how I did that day.

The second reason was I could see how my habits changed over time. I don't have a lot of logs saved; but when I look back on them now, it's amazing what I have learned! If I was trying to eat what I eat now when I first started, it wouldn't have worked. I would have been starving and would failed many more times than I did. I still use logs every once in a while. When I feel like I am stalling or haven't seen the scale move. Using a log, a lot of the time, will right the ship.

Lastly and most important is using log for accountability. Finding someone you can show your log to will help keep you in check. Before stopping at the connivence store and getting crap, be honest with yourself and the person you are sharing your log with....If I eat it, I log it.

Below is a copy of my first food log. Notice there is crappy food on it and healthy food. Just be honest.

Mac's food log 2/28/11

The last thing on my mind when this picture was taken was a food log.

8:30- banana
10:00- cup of grapefruit
11:50- pb&j
3:00- sausage roll (kolache)
3:30- orange

6:45- brisket, grilled chicken, wheat rolls, small mashed potato, tea

7:30- fruit breakfast bar
8:30- sausage roll (kolache)
10:15- protein bar
11:30- grilled chicken rolled in three corn tortillas, tea
2:00- light yogurt
6:00- burger/ lean beef and homemade wheat bun, water
8:00- bowl of special K

7:00- fruit breakfast bar
8:00- sausage roll (kolache)
10:30- protein bar
Hand full of dried apricots
11:30- turkey & cheese sandwich, water
5:30- burger, lean ground beef homemade wheat bun, water
8:00- handful of peanuts in shell, glass of OJ

8:00- orange
10:30- protein bar
1:00- ground beef, cream of mushroom soup, rice, lemonade

3:00- light yogurt
4:00- orange
6:00- brisket wrapped in 3 corn tortillas, water
7:00- apple

8:00- fruit breakfast bar
11:30-protein bar
1:00- McDs chicken select, plain no fries, water
6:00- lasagna, water

8:00- two eggs, turkey bacon, biscuit, OJ
12:00- bowl chicken noodle soup, ham and cheese sandwich, water

2:30- protein bar
6:00- BBQ sandwich, beans, water

8:00- one egg, two turkey bacon strips, biscuit, coffee, milk
1:00- 6 inch turkey sub plain, chips, small root beer
6:45- grilled chicken rolled in four corn tortillas, water, orange

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  1. Hey man, I don't know if you ever check this but I was wondering if I could talk to you about your weight loss..... I am in the same boat you were in and I'm trying to get out before the ship sinks.