Monday, October 15, 2012

Who are your people?

Some of my people at Jailbreak DFW 2012

When making a life change, no matter what it is, it's good to have support.

Who are your poeple?

Where is your encouragement coming from? We set goals as individuals, but the stuggles and the completion of these goals, we can't do alone.

Share your goals with friends or family that will keep you on track. Yes, alot of the time I am try
to prove something to myself...trying to pushing myself further. But, I am weak. I need my people that know where I am headed and look for me when I get off course.


  1. You are an inspiration. Thank you!

  2. Second commenter? Anyway, I'm sure this will be flooded with thank you and OMG comments later on.

    I am big and fat at age. I am 32 years old. I've got 2 kids too. 3-year old son and 6-month old daughter. I love them both and I love my wife so much.

    With you, I am challenged and inspired.

    This is my turning point. You, are my turning point.