Friday, August 2, 2013

50 Mile Fail

This morning was my 50 mile ride to get prepared for the Hotter 'n Hell Hundred and I did not get it done. This was the second time this week that I tried to get 50 miles.
Wednesday morning I got 15.8 miles, but only after having 3 flats -- Ran out of tubes and time. 
Friday morning was the second try. First 30 miles rolled pretty smooth, then I started to fade. By 40 miles, my legs felt good but I was completely out of energy. I stopped.
Last year when I was training for the half marathon I hit this point, went past it and passed clean out.Since then, I have learned some about proper nutrition and hydration but evidently did not put it into practice this morning.
First thing I did wrong was not eat or drink enough last night. Why? I was worried about the Facebook weigh-in that I always do on Friday mornings...that was dumb. 
Secondly, I didn't eat enough when I got up this morning, I didn't eat enough on the ride and I didn't hydrate before the ride.  I was hydrating during the ride, but it was to late. 
Of course, I've been told these things...I guess I need to listen.
On to next week....and if I have to ride on Friday (weigh-in morning) not going to worry about the number. 

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